Press release for Periferie
November 12 20:00 Roxy/No-D Prague ~ Periferie premiere
November 18 19:00 Kino Oko Prague ~ Periferie reprise (plus movie Babushka)

'Periferie' is a multimedia international performance of live music to film. San Francisco's Beth Custer (clarinets/keyboards) will perform live with Metamorphosis members Martin Alacam (guitars, Turkey) and Christoph Pajer (electronics, Austria). The trio will perform live to a film by the late Alexander Hammid which has been expanded upon by filmmakers Martin Blazicek and Filip Cenek (Czech Rep.). The project is conceived and directed by Milos Vojtechovsky (Czech Rep.).

Included in the evening will be a screening of 'My Grandmother' a Georgian silent comedy from 1929 directed by Kote Mikaberidze with original music by Beth Custer. My Grandmother's most memorable character is a wide-eyed, wild-haired bureaucrat's wife who is caught up in a frenzy of bourgeois living. Her equally comic husband, modeled after Harold Lloyd, personifies the indolence and irrelevance of a State system that resembles nothing so much as a roundtable defended by benighted stooges. When he loses his job, he learns the value of a "grandmother"-a slang term for the boodle that moves the table round. Forgotten for more than half a century, this irreverent blast, complete with Constructivist sets, has lost none of its bite.

Beth Custer received the Aaron Copland Recording Fund award to record her spirited score which is a quick-paced pastiche of American folk and blues, contemporary classical, jazz, and world music performed by the Beth Custer Ensemble.

Beth Custer first toured the Czech Republic in 1991 in the San Francisco Performance Festival collaborating with Nao Bustamente, Chico MacMurtrie, Barry Schwartz, and Osseus Labyrinth and Plzen's Smisene Pocity. She has also performed with Vladimir Kokolia (Czech painter/vocalist of 'E') and with the infamous BKS in San Francisco. In 2002, Beth performed at the Prague Contemporary Art Center with guitarist Martin Alacam. Beth is an original member of Club Foot Orchestra, Trance Mission, Eighty Mile Beach, Clarinet Thing, Dona Luz 30 Besos. She now leads the Beth Custer Ensemble.

Martin Alacam and Christoph Pajer are members of Metamorphosis:

Please visit Beth Custer's website at for more bio information and photos.

Motion picture and graphic design by Martin Blazicek.